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Book a group NCLEX EXAM CRAM session for yourself and a few classmates!!!

It's easy to find a Brooklyn, NY NCLEX-RN tutor. We have affordable NCLEX-RN tutors nearby. We focus on teaching tips and strategies of NCLEX boards along with nursing content. You need to learn to take the boards not just memorize the content in order to pass the exam! We will go over your priority questions, pharmacology, assignment, delegation, et cetera…. This is an intense course so please be prepared to work with us as well as at home. The goal is for you to pass the NCLEX  and become an RN!!!  We have xperienced RN tutors with MSN in Nursing Education and over 20+ experience… in all subject areas. TEAS EXAM tutor Brooklyn NY, TEAS EXAm tutor Newark NJ,.Brooklyn, NY Anatomy Tutors - Brooklyn, NY Biochemistry Tutors - Brooklyn, NY Biology Tutors - Brooklyn, NY Chemistry Tutors - Brooklyn, NY Corporate Training Tutors - Brooklyn, NY Nursing Tutors - Brooklyn, NY Nursing Exam Tutors - Brooklyn, NY Test Preparation Tutors